Highland County in the Fall

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time out in Highland County Virginia. I am involved in a mapping project of the Monterey SE Quadrangle. First of all, I have to say that the views and fall colors were absolutely amazing. The image below was taken along the ridge of Jack Mountain just north of Sounding Knob outside of Monterey, VA.

Not only that, the geology was fantastic. Among the more interesting things I saw were some folds of the Appalachian Fold Belt (Small and Large Scale) , cross-bedding, and crinoids roughly the diameter of a quarter.

The image below shows some of the large pink crinoid stems in the New Creek formation of the Helderberg Group. They are Devonian in age.

Here is some cross-bedding in the Tonoloway. This sandy layer marks the boundary between the lower and middle un-named members of the Tonoloway Formation. It is Silurian in age.

This following images show the intense folding of the Wills Creek Formation along route 250 east of Monterey. It is part of the Cayuga group.  This is located near the axis of an anticline. It is Silurian in age.


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